"HALOS AND GLARE" is now available for Pre-Order

Into The LimeLight Records is introducing the legendary Japanese metal band SABER TIGER to the European market. Released on Friday 8th September 2017, a very special compilation "HALOS AND GLARE" will come in various formats - 4CD box set, Standard 1CD and digital. "HALOS AND GLARE - The Complete Trilogy" comprises 4 discs in total.

It will contain the classic original albums "DECISIVE" (2011), "MESSIAH COMPLEX" (2012) and "BYSTANDER EFFECT" (2015), as well as bonus disc "THE BEST OF THE REST AND THE RARE".

This box set comes with booklet, sticker and download voucher. Fans will be able to access special contents. "HALOS AND GLARE - Highlight Edition" features 11 tracks, a selection of essential songs from the 4 aforementioned discs.

Besides the new format, "DECISIVE", "MESSIAH COMPLEX" and "BYSTANDER EFFECT" will also be available as separate albums both in stores and online.

Now available for Pre-Order at Into The LimeLight Records.

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posted: 2017/8/25


SABER TIGER from Japan will release "HALOS AND GLARE - The Complete Trilogy" this coming May through Into The LimeLight Records. The label comments:

"Past, present and future come together in SABER TIGER's music. The band honors the tradition of heavy metal, but is also clearly a band of its own time. Twin guitar melodies and inventive riffs should satisfy everyone's eighties metal euphoria, but the music also sounds fresh and vibrant. Their unpredictable songwriting will keep you hungry for more.

After a short visit to Europe in June 2016, they signed with Into The LimeLight Records to release old and some new material for the European market. SABER TIGER developed a very cool CD box set 'HALOS AND GLARE - The Complete Trilogy' with the last three albums, a bonus disc with some new and never released material, a booklet and a download voucher to get some extra very cool material. LimeLight Records will also release a separate album with a selection of songs of the box content, all to be released in May 2017.

To promote the box set and celebrate their anniversary, SABER TIGER will do an European tour of three weeks to play festivals and shows in September 2017. And as proof that hard work and never giving up always pays off, 2017 will be the year that the world will finally know about Japan's best kept secret."

posted: 2017/2/21